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TWRC Saturday Morning Run

There are other groups that run Saturday that are not really TWRC runs but they welcome TWRC runners.

Zero Dark Thirty (ZDT) is a fast run group (8:30ish pace and faster) that meets at different locations every Saturday morning at 6 a.m. Use the Contact link to email the Fast Run Group for more information.

Bill Dwyer has a training group centered around his Volte Endurance Training Program. The mileage ranges from 4 to 16 most weeks. Bill's group is also open to anyone who wants to run with them. Pace ranges from 7:00 per mile to 11:00 per mile. The "official" start time is 6:00 am. We will still have 5:00 early starters.

Volte Saturday Training Schedule

Place: Fleet Feet Hughes Landing, The Woodlands TX
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Mileage: multiple distances available
*printed routes and water stops approximately three miles apart

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