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TWRC Saturday Morning Run

There are two groups that run Saturday that are not really TWRC runs but they welcome TWRC runners.

[1] Red X Running is led by Barry Blanton. The group usually starts at 6:30 am and typically runs 5 to 10 miles, there is always a 5 or 6 mile option. Distances increase leading up to local races. The average pace ranges from 10 – 12 minutes. Many in group use the Galloway run/walk interval training method. It is a very friendly group and anyone is welcome to run. Red X Running starts from the front parking lot at The Kitchen @ 4526 Research Forest Dr. (formerly Hubbell and Hudson Kitchen) every Saturday. The start time and distances can vary. Learn more about Red X Running…

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[2] Bill's group runs are suspended through the end of April.
Bill Dwyer has a training group centered around his Volte Endurance Training Program. The mileage ranges from 4 to 16 most weeks. Bill's group is also open to anyone who wants to run with them. Pace ranges from 7:00 per mile to 11:00 per mile. The "official" start time is 6:00 am. We will still have 5:00 early starters.

2019 Volte Saturday Training Schedule

Place: Fleet Feet Hughes Landing, The Woodlands TX
Time: 6:00 a.m.
Mileage: multiple distances available
*printed routes and water stops approximately three miles apart

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