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TWRC Scholarship (Due March 31st)

Starting in May 2009, The Woodlands Running Club (“TWRC”) awarded two college scholarships to seniors who graduate in May or June from high schools in The Woodlands area. The scholarships were awarded to one female and one male graduate who evidenced a strong commitment to running. The scholarship program was started as an initiative of former TWRC President Tony Allison and board members in 2009. That year the scholarships were $1000 each and in 2010 the amount of the scholarship was increased to $1500 each. The scholarship was further increased to $2000 each in 2014. In early 2018 Board added a $1000 scholarship for the male and female runner-ups. In 2020 the Board decided to make the second-place awards contingent on the number and quality of the applications.

The application process opens each year in winter. Applications can be downloaded from the TWRC website (application link below) The application consists of a short questionnaire/essay that must be completed by each applicant. Once the application is completed, it may be mailed to the TWRC Scholarship Committee at the address on the application, or it may be emailed to the President, TWRC. Applications must be postmarked or emailed no later than March 31st.

Criteria for TWRC’s awarding of these scholarships are as follows:

• Expected graduation in May or June from one of the following schools: The Woodlands High School, The Woodlands College Park High School, Oak Ridge High School, The John Cooper School, The Woodlands Christian Academy and The Woodlands Academy Prep School or any senior student of a current TWRC member who may attend another area school not listed previously, but meets all other criteria below.;
• Evidence of past interest in and commitment to running;
• Stated commitment to continuing running;
• Current good standing on her/his school’s track or cross-country running team;
• Strong academic performance;
• Active participation in extracurricular activities and community service and evidence of good citizenship;
• Expected enrollment as a full-time college or university student in the fall;

Once the application deadline has expired, all applications will be reviewed by the TWRC Board. The two highest scoring males and the two highest scoring females will be asked to interview with one or more Board members. The interviews will determine who receives the $2000 scholarship and who may receive the $1000 runner-up scholarship. All scholarships are paid in two parts to the college or university, typically half each semester .

The winners of the 2009 scholarship were Erin Miller and Steven Mize, both of The Woodlands High School. The 2010 winners were Caitlin Whittemore and Tom Sanderson of The Woodlands High School. The 2011 winners were Bailey Connor of The Woodlands High School and Austin Agrella of The John Cooper School. The 2012 winners were Celeste Neff and Kamren Hollingsworth, both of College Park High School. The 2013 winners attended The Woodlands High School. Abby Feeney attended Dartmouth College and Kevin Hill attended Purdue University in the fall. The 2014 winners were Derek Tam from The John Cooper School (he ran for UC Berkeley) and Kara Zuspan from The Woodlands High School, she ran for UT. The 2015 winners were Eric Kroon from The Woodlands High School and Abby Estes from Oakridge High. Both attended UT Austin. Matthew McClellan and Hannah Hill of TWHS were the 2016 recipients of the $2000 scholarships. Hannah attended Baylor while Matthew went to UT Austin. The 2017 winners of $2000 each were Katherine Young and Austin Cole. Katherine of TWHS went to A&M, while Austin of Oak Ridge High School attended The U of H. For 2018 TWRC decided to award the runner-up male and female $1000 each as well. First place and $2000 went to Caroline Frenzel (UT) and Jake Lanier (A&M). The 2018 runners-up and $1000 each went to Addison Davis (Grinnell college) and Alexy Skoutnev (UT). For 2019 the first-place female award ($2000) was to Lizz Davison who attended TWHS and is attending University of South Carolina. The second-place female ($1000) is Jessica Myers who went to The Woodlands College Park High School and is at Texas State University. The first male ($2000) is Jonathan Letai of College Park High School, now attending Cornell University. The second-place male ($1000) is Brian Ross from The John Cooper School who is attending The University of Texas at Austin.

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Download the 2021 Scholarship Application

TWRC receives a limited number of applications. In 2016, 7 women and 11 men applied, in 2017, only 5 men and 11 women applied and in 2018 only 3 women and 4 men applied. In 2018 the odds of winning were 50% or better. In 2019 4 females and 8 males applied. Good luck!

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