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Fees and Registration

The 2017-2018 Juniors registration form is now (as of 8/16/17) open

Every Junior runner must be a current 2017-18 member of The Woodlands Running Club via a family membership. A family membership is $26 and covers every member of the family.

Every Junior runner must have a Junior t-shirt to wear at various events including the 2K race. These are $10 each.

How register for the 2017-2018 Juniors program, three-step process. (same process as last year)

1. Join TWRC or renew your TWRC family membership. If you were a member in the past, please login before renewing your membership. If you do not know your TWRC website password, enter your email address and the website will send you a link you can use to login. NOTE - You can purchase the TWRC Juniors shirts at the same time you join\renew your membership. Join or Renew Link

2. For each junior, fill out the Juniors Registration Form here: Juniors Registration Link You MUST be logged into the website and a current TWRC member to access the link.

3. NOTE - As of 10/10/17, ordering Junior's shirts is now closed. Order a TWRC Juniors shirt for each junior. Each junior must have a TWRC junior shirt. If you have one from last year, you can use it if you want. Juniors Shirt Link. NOTE - As of 10/10/17, ordering Junior's shirts is now closed.

Every Junior runner must register and finish The Woodlands 2K family fun run (February 24th 2018) to complete the program. The Woodlands 2K family fun run registration is not included with the Junior program registration.

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